Monday, February 28, 2005

Jails sure have changed...

Check out this story from MercuryNews. (you have to register to read it, but it's free) I'll post the relevant part:

California Youth Authority officials are pledging changes after a Fresno gang member walked away from a prison work detail and began what law enforcement officials believe was a multistate crime spree. Yatau Her escaped while doing charity work in Sacramento and was arrested this past week in Minnesota after the shooting of a sheriff's deputy.

Now, I always thought jail was this place where you were chained to something or locked inside of something. Why do we keep hearing stories of inmates walking out of prison? Not only did this knucklehead walk away, but he shot a police officer! Of course now the CYA is going to engage in some CYA, which should be interesting. Here's my plan for making sure this doesn't happen again: Bring back the ball and chain. Just hook a giant 450 pound weight to the guy's leg while he's anywhere besides his cell. Or make it really big and awkward so that if he does try to drag it around, it will get stuck on doors and coffee tables and stuff. If that doesn't work, just use the dog collar that shocks your dog if he leaves the yard. Just crank it up really high. Not enough to kill the guy, but enough to make him ruin his pants. Problem solved.

Seriously though, this has got to stop. We trust Corrections to keep these animals penned in safely away from society but they still manage to just wander away. No bueno. Having said that, I do feel for the California Dept. of Corrections because they have a really tough job: They have to watch thousands of people who have all day to think of ways to maim and kill officers. I understand that you just can't keep a strict eye on all men at all times. And hey, we've all had our bad days at work. But I hope this is yet another wake up call that something substantial needs to be done.

Any ideas out there? If not the ball and chain or the shock collar, what can we do to stop prison walk-offs? If anyone has a great idea, we should send the DoC a letter.

Also, this story is precious. (Same site, you may need to sign up):

At a recent county board of supervisors subcommittee meeting, [Santa Clara County District Attorney George] Kennedy was asked to comment on statistics showing a spike in the number of inmates at county jail. The female jail population grew significantly faster than the male population over the last few years.``This is a nationwide thing with females and I think it has to do with females being more liberated and independent in every way,'' he told the subcommittee, comprising two female supervisors, Blanca Alvarado and Liz Kniss.

Just in case he wasn't clear, the DA reiterated his point a few minutes later: ``If you look at the flowering of the women's movement, you're going to find criminality increases right in parallel with it on the part of females.'' Kennedy went on to assure the panel that ``I'm not passing judgment on anything.'' Word after the meeting was that participants were so dumbfounded by Kennedy's remarks that no one challenged him (``I'll have to research that'' was about all Alvarado mustered in response).

Can I just take this opportunity to admire DA Kennedy? Can you imagine how much guts this guy had to have to say that? Maybe he's right, maybe he's an idiot, but he actually creditted the women's movement with more crime among women! He said it out loud, in front of people! He's the bravest government official I've ever heard of! Imagine the PR bombshell that just exploded at his office! I love it!

(And who knows, he could be correct. But I guarantee you that instead of researching the truth, people will just label him a sexist. It's much easier.)


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unless your going to give everyone who breaks the law life in prison; you can not treat them like trash. because when they get out they are going to want to hurt us!!

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