Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Meth is an evil evil drug...

Check out this article from Des Moines:

DES MOINES- It's something you don't want to brag about, but Iowa ranks second in the nation in the number of meth labs. Monday law enforcement officials teamed up to try to get one step closer to winning the war on meth.

They say the current senate bill doesn't do enough to fight the problem. According to law enforcement, the only way to win this war is to keep all products that contain pseudoephedrine behind the counter.

Now, the bill that the senate passed includes retail exceptions. That means cold medicines that contain small amounts of pseudoephedrine can be sold without going through a pharmacist.

However, law enforcement officials say that makes it too easy for meth makers to get their hands on the key ingredient. Chief Bill McCarthy, Des Moines Police, said, "I am telling you what law enforcement faces on the frontlines and what our children are exposed to and our citizens are exposed to and we think it's serious enough to digest a little bit of an inconvenience for a short period of time."

Michael O'Meara, Polk County Attorney, said, "So we're asking the members of the house and the senate to keep faith with the citizens of the state of iowa and to pass the strongest legislation they can."

Last year, Iowa law enforcement responded to about 1,400 meth labs. That's about four per day.

If you guys aren't aware of meth and it's issues, this drug is pure evil. There are many opinions, even in the Law Enforcement community, regarding legalization. But we are not talking about marijuana. Meth makes weed look like corn flakes. It utterly destroys a person from the inside out. This article talks about the growing problem of meth. It's exploding everywhere. What's worse is that not only does using meth put you at greater risk of STDs, but it can cause diseases like HIV to ravage you much more rapidly.

Meth users also can go a long time without sleep, committing crimes and running amok for days at a time. We saw a scary video in class where a methed-up Nazi Lowrider ran down a police officer while the officer was just pumping gas. With meth use increasing out there, it's going to be a dangerous time to be a cop (i suppose that's nothing new...). Stay safe out there, guys.


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