Friday, February 25, 2005

Take 'em to the limit

The guys over at CrimProf Blog have posted on an interesting article. Apparently, there is a bill in Massachusetts that will eliminate the Statute of Limitations on most sex crimes.

Can I get a "Hell Yeah"?

First of all, sex crimes aren't like theft or car jacking. They keep on keepin' on long after the abuse has stopped. For some people, it ruins their entire lives. I think it's one of the worst kinds of victimization you can participate in. Second, many victims have a hard time coming forward in a timely manner. This is either because they suppress the memory or because they are too scared and ashamed to talk about what happened. Getting rid of the SoL would allow victims to receive therapy and gain some inner strength before they have to dredge up the memories of the abuse in court. I'm all for it. Anything to make sex abusers pay.

I'm in favor of a law that would force registered sex offenders to let you punch them in the stomach three times a year. Write your congressman!


Blogger The Unknown Professor said...

I'd agree with the spirit of your proposed law, but I think a kick in "the boys" would be more effective. Just call it the poor man's Depo Provera

8:12 AM  
Blogger Phil Aldridge said...

Professor -

Good thinking. We could kill two birds with one stone.

9:16 AM  

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