Thursday, March 10, 2005

Maybe somebody in West VA is a 10-8 Fan!

How else do you explain this story:

Law makers in West Virginia are considering a bill that will remove the hate crime statute. The statute currently allows judges to give stricter punishment to people who commit crimes out of hate.

In West Virginia the hate crime law says people who target their victims based on race, religion, nationality, political affiliation or gender, can get added punishments above and beyond a crime without hate as a motive.

West Virginians have mixed feelings about this legislation. Some think it is a good idea. "Just because I hate a person and I did something and another person just does it they should be treated the same, said Loretta Brier. Others believe the statute is needed to stamp out prejudice. "It can no longer be. I am surprised they are trying to pass that. The legislature? I can't believe that," said Dan Kolopajlo.

Five republicans in West Virginia are sponsoring the bill, including Ohio County delegate Chris Wakim. Those supporting the bill say this will focus on the actual crime and not the motive behind the act. House majority leader Rick Staton is against this legislation. He says the added punishment for hate crimes is still needed.

I await the results with baited breath.


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