Monday, March 14, 2005

That's one spicy meatball

For some reason, I found this story on

Two retired New York police detectives have been charged with leading double lives, moonlighting as hit men and carrying out gangland executions.

Louis Eppolito, 56, and Stephen Caracappa, 63, were arrested and charged in connection with eight murders, kidnapping, conspiracy and money laundering.

Police said they used New York Police Department files as their own “personal Yellow Pages”, working with the Mafia and feeding them confidential information for over a decade. The suspects were arrested at an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas and are due in court today. Eppolito once wrote a book entitled Mafia Cop: The Story of an Honest Cop Whose Family Was the Mob which described false charges of Mafia involvement.

Prosecution lawyer Roslynn Mauskopf described the case as “stunning”. “These corrupt former detectives betrayed their shields, their colleagues, and the citizens they were sworn to protect,” he said. Caracappa’s lawyer David Chesnoff accused the
government of using “organised crime figures who are trying to save their lives” to build their case. “The government is relying on the words of rats,” he claimed.

The pair allegedly targeted several mobsters in retaliation for the attempted assassination of a crime family underboss Anthony ’Gaspipe’ Casso. They are charged with kidnapping a mob figure, stuffing him in a car and delivering him to Casso, who then tortured and killed him in 1987. Police claim they also stole £33,000 (65,000 dollars) from Casso in 1992 to kill a Gambino family captain suspected of involvement in the attempt on Casso’s life.

Brooklyn lawyer Charles Hynes, described it as “one of the most shocking examples of criminal activity” he had ever witnessed. Eppolito is related to known Mafia members and in his 1992 autobiography described his family background but denied the mob allegations. Caracappa helped found the NYPD’s Organised Crime Homicide Unit.

You know it goes on, but it's still rather shocking when you find a truly and thoroughly corrupt police officer at a department. And these aren't just cops on the take, these are full on mafioso within the department. They used their police resources to help out the Mafia! FOR OVER A DECADE! That's incredible!

It really makes you wonder who else is out there. I mean, for ten years, these two clowns kept up the image of good cops while at the same time living the life of a Goodfella. For all you know, your partner, your Sergeant, anyone could be doing the same thing. How do check for stuff like this? How do you audit your force for criminals?

I wonder if these guys thought that since they were killing criminals and helping screw over criminals that they were doing a good thing. You wonder how people get wound up in these type of capers. Maybe it started out as a kind of infiltration and snowballed from there.

However, the real question here is this: How did the underboss get the nickname "Gaspipe"? I bet there's a good story there...


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