Monday, March 28, 2005

Who kept the pizza?

Great story out of Boston:

BOSTON (AP) -- A Boston police officer turned pizza deliveryman and nabbed two would-be robbers last night.

It all started when the owner of a Roxbury pizza shop told police he had just received an order from an apartment where his deliveryman had been robbed the week before. So, according to police, an undercover officer decided to pose as a deliveryman and see what happened when he arrived with the pizza. A number of other officers were sent to wait outside.

Police said the "deliveryman" rang the doorbell and announced "pizza" several times. When the door opened and he stepped into the foyer of the apartment, he saw two people dressed in black, wearing masks and holding knives. The officer revealed his true identity and arrested the suspects with the help of other officers who rushed in. The suspects, both juveniles, were expected to be arraigned today.

I have to say, the idea was creative and brave. Knowingly posing as someone likely to get robbed is a dangerous thing. But, they were thinking outside the box and it worked. Three cheers for creativity!


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