Tuesday, April 12, 2005

South African Police Need Help

Funny story out of everybody's favorite Dutch-African country:

Cape Town's dumbest crook award must surely go to the man who stole an activated security camera from a building in Woodstock, leaving video footage of himself taking his loot.

But in spite of having the damning footage, Cape Town central detectives have been unable to solve the crime in more than four months.The owner of the building in Newmarket Street, fearing for her safety, has only given her first name, Carol. She said she was turning to the Cape Argus to publish images from the video in the hope that someone may recognise the culprit.

She said the incident happened late at night on November 4 last year, when three men pulled up in a car outside her club in Newmarket Street. "They first lurked around a bit and then one of the guys lifted his friend up so that he could reach the camera."It was reality TV all the way. He looked straight into the lens, probably thinking that it had not been connected, or else he was just plain stupid,"

What can you say about this? You just laugh and move on.

Thank God none of us have ever totally made fools of ourselves out on the job...


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