Monday, May 09, 2005

Who wants to apply for Belgium PD?

I am a member of a message board for my police academy. Well, other people interested in police and police academy are members too. One of these members is currently living in Belgium and is pursuing a career in law enforcement out there. He posted a message about use of force policy in America versus policy in Belgium. I wanted to post part of what he wrote because I find it fascinating:

Let me explain to you how it works here in Belgium. If someone shoots at a COP, unless the COP is hit, he has no right to shoot back. If someone attacks a cop with anything else......a knife for example...unless the cop get stabbed, he can't stab the guy back. Now if he gets stabbed, he can ONLY stab the guy back (if he finds a way to get hold of the knife) but he can't shoot him or hurt him in any other ways. COPS can only defend themselves with equal force and same weapons. These laws apply as well to citizens. belgian citizens are not allowed to hurt back someone who is hurting them. If someone breaks into my house, I have to let him hurt me, give him what he wants and let him go....then call the cops.

Now, I'm not going to give out this guy's name just on the off chance it could harm his career. But, what he has to say here is important. This is your so-called "enlightened" European view of police work. This is how the "cultured" Europe treats their cops. They give license to their criminals to run amok and prevent the cops from doing their job.

That policy puts police in grave danger. It's almost as if someone who hates cops is in charge over their because they have basically said a cop cannot defend himself unless he is wounded. I don't need to tell you how dangerous that is.

But I want you to think about something: Next time the media starts foaming at the mouth about police using excessive force, ask yourself if the media won't be happy until we are more like Belgium. Think about who typically criticizes police and ask yourself what the real agenda is. If we revise our policies everytime race-baiting extortionists like Sharpton and Jackson decide that they don't like our decisions, ask yourself how long it will be until a cop can be stabbed and still not be allowed to use his gun.

Ayn Rand prophesied in her book Atlas Shrugged that the world would end not in a fiery explosion, but by a great softening that eventually turned it into a pulpy mush. You all need to help stand guard against the softening of America. Otherwise, we're screwed.


Anonymous DemetriFBI said...

I'm sure that very few people, if any considering this site's demographic, would post a rant any different than what I'm about to say. I'm still gonna say it anyway. It's absurd that any American citizen, or human being for that matter, not be allowed to defend themself to the full extent of their ability when their life is threatened. Police officer's are allowed to carry a sidearm because of the dangers of working with the lawless members of society. If their life is threatened, they have the right, like any other citizen, to defend themselves to the full extent of their ability. *DemetriFBI dusts off his hands*

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